Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Thani is the Founder and Owner of Skydive Qatar, a USPA and FAI
approved World Class Skydiving Facility based at the new airport Um Al Shkhot approximately
40kms North of Doha, Capital City of the State of Qatar. It has been Sheikh Abdulaziz’s vision to
establish this leading Qatar tourist attraction since he started skydiving during his service with
the ISF many years ago. He currently holds a USPA D Licence in Skydiving as well as many
ratings including Coach and Tandem and in General Aviation both Gyrocopter and Powered
Paragliding Licences. Since the first event held during 2016 Skydive Qatar has grown in huge
leaps to become one of the World’s leading skydiving centers attracting both local jumpers and
adventure tourists from all parts of the world wishing to experience the hospitality and friendly
environment of Qatar.
Skydive Qatar under his Leadership has been instrumental in establishing the present airport
and state of the art facilities to be found at the dropzone. The airport also caters for all forms of
sport aviation from gyrocopters, powered paragliding, hot air ballooning, recreational flying and
the core activity of skydiving for both civilian and military Clients. The Skydiving Center and
airport operates under the authorization of the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority as well as licensing
under the FAI and USPA Foreign Group Membership program.
Skydive Qatar under Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Thani has also employed a multi-national team of
USPA qualified Instructors, training staff and other support personnel making the Company one
of the most diverse and successful aviation companies in its relatively short history in Qatar.
Since the first event and during the past two seasons the Company has successfully trained
over 250 first jump students and introduced the sport of skydiving to many 1000s of tandem
passengers with an unsurpassed safety record. The Skydive Qatar Team provides a high level
of skydiving training and sport skydiving with its core values of safety and enjoyment having
maximum priority.
It is Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Thani’s vision for Skydive Qatar to become one of Qatar’s leading
tourist attractions and activities leading up to, during and beyond the FIFA Football World Cup in
2022. His experience in jumping in many countries and continents is ideally suited to leading the
Skydive Qatar Team forward during this challenging and rewarding period for Qatar and the Region.